This is an apartment boutique to display live demonstration of home automation system. In other words it is just to feel how advantageous is home automation system when it comes to practicality by experiencing on your own at this boutique. 

Thus, we had defined the spaces the way you would find in your proposed house 


While entering in this boutique you will find ambience resembling a house like at entrance vestibule has been kept really small with the chairs brightening the space with colored upholstery. Lighting is ambient and one pendant is hanging at the corner as light fixture. The ceiling work has a puncture like a path with a high gloss upholstered coffee color ceiling. Behind the entrance, we had placed discussion chamber. 

 Those two places are small therefore light colors are quiet prominent. Next area the family- lounge, where good quality music to be heard and lighting complementing ceiling work. On the rear side, you will find a small lounge having TV and projector to watch and judge on your own the best suited product. 

Home automation practically controls all part of your house on tips. However, smart switches are there but bear minimum and almost invisible.

Fewer switches are not to be seen so everything becomes seamless. You do not find actually anything ugly on the walls In terms of switch plates etc, but ease is huge because you can be with your house without your presence within the house. Anything and everything is possible when it comes to home automation. In home automation now even speech works. Therefore, you can even treat this system as personal attendant by giving commands verbally instead of operating apps, or switches.  

 Further, in the boutique we have given two audi’s as small home-theatre experience centers, one has refreshment zone while experiencing theatre live. Other theatre has a linear plan, hence organic planning has been initiated.