A car beauty saloon a unique concept were a person coming with his car to get serviced gets additional senesces like cafeteria, internet cafe, home theatre , mange room free of cost. 

Further it required to have administration and a show room for car accessories. 


A warehouse of 5,000 sqft. with floor height of 22n ft., taking advantage of the height two floors were planned with the administration, store and show room were placed on ground floor with internet café, café, massage room, and home theatre on first floor. 

The front bay being used as service area the reception and waiting placed at one corner of the entrance has a colourful metallic ceiling which has been mirrored with coloured tiles on floor, a corridor connects the office space from reception, the office space has two manager’s cabin and an. admin room. The office space is composition of forms and elements which viewed through the glass panels gives interesting view. The circular cabin next to the reception is highlighted by blue texture paint.  

The store at the rear has a corrugated sheet painted in bright green paint and is in contrast to the light coloured cladding with three punctured windows at the other end. An attempt has been done to give it an industrial look.Flooring in the corridor is of dark tile which acts as a transitional element where each spaces have been identified individually by its treatment kept as modern. 

The show room for accessories is placed at the rear end on the ground floor. It has on one corner a music room with glass partition, a room where a person can experience virtual sound systems.  

A metallic staircase leads one to the first floor placed over the show room, one gets the view of the spaces on the first floor through glass panels on the front façade. Each space has been treated differently to give a space identity, as in internet café three curved panels continues  from ceiling to the wall with cove light over the computer tables.  

The massage room with black tiles has two massage chairs placed at the centre of the room where three wooden inclined panels continued on ceiling from the wall, a person relaxing on the chair gets to view his car getting serviced.