This particular house is also an amalgamation of latest innovation & technological oriented products. 

If we look at the building form and elements used you will find very simple straight line work but the selection of materials actually enhance the entire scheme related to the building elevation. The composition of the facade is modern and the materials used are st steel tubular fins in 3D form, Ipe wood as a block of one floor highlighting the balcony etc. Curvatures in glass windows on top floor above that a abstract shape chajja in wooden finish.  Since site front is a really small so we did not have much options but it has come out really nice. 

Building basic colour is white that is why all materials used becomes soothing  The Fins work actually becomes thermal barrier for the main bedroom areas and reduces huge heat with saving of energy. Same way that ipe wood area balcony is deep recessed so again saving of energy because of shade. 

By use of such material the client found it really interesting and unique as everlasting composition for his building.