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The owner being young couple wanted a low height house with 5 bedrooms and a pleasing and well ventilated house having an identity of its own from the surrounding houses. 


The owner being young couple wanted a low height house with 5 bedrooms and a pleasing and well ventilated house having an identity of its own from the surrounding houses. 

The house situated in busy lanes of malviya nagar on a plot size of 30’ X 60’ .Due to congested environment around, the house is kept inward looking with interaction of different spatial elements to give a house a single unit feeling.  Since the requirement was to have 5 bedrooms and having site constrains it was decided to place only one bedroom on the ground floor for the parents while giving more space for drawing and dining room, an open kitchen adds to the more visual space. Basement meant to be used as client’s office and home theatre has a separate entrance from outside besides approach from internal staircase which also connects to upper floor. One master bedroom with two children’s bedroom are placed on first floor beside a family lounge. Second floor has a guest bedroom with a terrace garden. 

The elevation is kept modern in its outlook with use of forms and colours. The client wanted a permanent finish in use of exterior material. Since the house was a low height emphasis was given on central block at the first floor which is an outer wall of master toilet , the wall which has glass blocks runs horizontal grooves painted in dark grey texture paint  and is inclined in vertical axis, this is balanced on either side, use of blue bissaza tile( permanent finish) outside the master bedroom with curved pergola (as chajja) supported on column at one end which rests on a square abstract box (as railing) having teak panels forms an interesting part with Stainless Steel railing having grey bissaza tile. The other side has a balcony with curved stainless pipes placed in abstract manner, the canopy above having elliptical stainless frame have tension wires supported through back wall. All the elements are in perfect harmony with each other and form a perfect composition. The boundary wall is also a reflection of the elevation with use of same grey bissaza tile used with stainless steel in the main gate and staggered boundary wall. 

Working on client’s input all the elements from furniture to wall and ceiling were kept simple and straight with great emphasis on creating an ambience to the defined space .The entrance to the house is through steps opening into dining room. Travetino beize (Italian) flooring added with off-white texture on wall complements with rough cream tile on one wall with a circular mirror. One end has a informal seating giving it a character by curved ceiling continuing on the wall punctured in an abstract manner, the curved ceiling further complements with the curved cantilevered T.V platform. An open pooja room elevated has a coloured glass in front. Parent’s bedroom on ground floor next to pooja room has a elegant look with use of teak and off-white colour which is extended in use of furniture and cabinets. 

Neat blue and white combination with Stainless Steel acts as a visual delight to a formal off-white base of the dinning room. The white corian top extends outside to dining area and is used as an informal seating. 

The drawing room which is separated by 3nos sliding doors has niches on one wall. Where glass boxes are kept with coloured pebbles highlighted by light at the bottom, the other side has curved wall giving a peeling effect. 

The false ceiling is kept at minimal with curved glasses hanged at the centre supported by Stainless Steel pipes. The furniture simple in design with more emphasis on the comfort is in perfect harmony to the other elements in the room. The sliding door once open gives an emphasis view of the dining and kitchen areas. 

 Staircase acting as a transitional space between two floor leads to first floor lobby which is in total contrast to the ground floor lobby and a dark brown with textured mirror in the centre, the curved concept of the ceiling is repeated on the first floor lobby by use of curved glasses continuing over the wall supported by Stainless Steel pipes. The space which connects 3nos bedrooms have a very vibrant ambience in comparison to ground floor lobby. The front room on first floor being used as master bedroom has a pure white treatment in use of tiles and wall colour and is in contrast with dark polished furniture.  

Second room used as children’s room is a combination of modern and youthful in its treatment with use of blue colour, two separate single beds have a semicircular element cladded with maple veneer and supported by tension wire forms an interesting view. Study area separated by a small partition has an ambience of its own with multiple elliptical cutouts in the ceiling painted in magenta colour highlighted by diffused light. Combination of blue bissaza tiles gives the toilet a sea effect. 

The third bedroom also used as children’s room has a low height round bed kept at one corner of the room complementing with circular false ceiling and a coloured glass. 

The project is an experiment at creating different spaces for different people of different age group but at the same time continuing common elements in each space to give it a united unit.