To be human in this world means to live and those who know how to live understands the dimension of existenceAn increased awareness about global trends and changing aspiration has caused birth to new kind of Home, one that is often found looking for something between outdated decadence and gaudy curse of newly arrived. It is a delicate task to achieve a balance on the fragile border between the freshness of the new language and the solemnity of the old without succumbing to nostalgia or an excessive desire to make a mark. Architecture asks questions and set challenges. 

Three Different Generations of different families resides within CHITRAKOOT residence which is designed in plush part of Country. Contemporary architecture conceives space as continuity with variations, as expansiveness with difference. This translate into possibility of experiencing a house in its entirety, of moving through it the way life flows, of enjoying the combination as well as the details, the hidden corner, intimate spaces, and open views. Stairs divide, connect, modulate and move space and house itself becomes a dance.Lower floor (below ground level) is designed as recreational area within Home Theatre, Bar, Lounge and other rooms as Servant room and Office