Both architect & owner shared an enthusiasm for the design venture and the alliance rationalised client’s wish list into a concise and deliverable brief for the outcome.  

In general if we talk about luxury bedrooms & bathrooms are simply quite obsessive. 

Though glasses use is extensive in this house but it has been used really carefully because it also connects places very well and gives you the feel of openness.  

Deck flooring is being used at terrace area to enhance the space and connecting spaces together. 

If we talk about overall floor wise planning of the house it is quite simple and segregated in such a way that private places are not disturbed by guests in any manner. Like: 

  • Stilt being the starting floor of the house through lift and main staircase area lobby towards upper floors or for basement. Automated electronic gates right from the main entry point which are also controlled centrally through any medium like mobile phone etc with lighting effects through floor burials and a water body in little curvature to break the monotony or dullness in the driveway. 
  • Next upper floor as ground floor is basically a formal area floor which covers up main Kitchen & dining as one unit, Lounge central lobby area with powder toilet and pooja’s space.  Front part mother’s room, drawing room on either side.  
  •  First floor & Second floor are almost identical private floors accommodating one family with master bedroom as suite with attached toilet in front part of the floor and rear side having children room with attached toilet. 
  • Third floor is party floor exclusive which covers the main bar and card area as one unit, Pantry kitchen unit, Theatre and powder area. 
  • Terrace is divided automatically into two parts front and rear terrace because of central staircase, lift area. Therefore front terrace is treated as small get together area as family party place and rear terrace as service terrace in a much defined way.