A modern relationship in a traditional style between exterior and interior the project is an attempt to see how each element responds to daily changing environment from day to night, how it effects one’s behavior, thought process. The concept is based on the essence of light, air, ventilation which is essence of life. An attempt to follow a contemporary style with an effort to be close to nature to live with it. 

A 35 years old Barsati (one bedroom with a terrace) of area 1100 sqft was renovated to 2 bedroom houses, a private house. Design concept revolved around terrace, which had never been used since existence, had all the rooms overlooking it. The landscaped a raised platform at the centre is the focal which visually connects all the spaces. Big windows opening into the terrace allows light, air ventilation interior medium.


Staircase leads to the lobby which has 2 single seater with an abstract shaped table. Corner vibrant colors Visually staircase well extends as a part of lobby it self. Over the staircase is used for storage with front shutter painted with abstract painting in. 

Front open balcony is covered with glass sliding door allowing good natural light with existing chajja being retained and cladded with veneer highlighted by colourful in niches created. 

Master bedroom has minimal furniture with a recliner, ceiling above the bed is in form continuing over the wall highlighted by cove lighting, further a modern art at one corner is in contrast to beize tone used in the room. Bedroom connects to lobby dinning and terrace making it as a one unit, though each space has been differently treated but adds to cohesive space on viewed from frame. 

Furniture designing has been detailed with functional aspect as a priority wherein low height master bed have curved edges which is used for seating as well as keeping objects, Further round side tables used for storage have light with a similar circular element in the same axis hanged by pipe from the ceiling. 

The waterbody and landscaped terrace connects through the dinning room which has a big glass panel ,one enters to raised platform to a semicovered space into the terrace which has a Terracota pot with Tulsiji on the raised platform at the centre of the terrace.Tulsiji connects visually through forming axis through each space in the house. 

Landscaped Terrace forms the focus of the design which allows light and natural ventilation into each room has color theme of earthy,where an attempt has been done to use elements and colors to form a cohesive composition.