Magnolias are a high rise residential complex. Nestled in the new city of Gurgaon, it still remains close to nature. With mesmerizing designing Architect Nikhil Kant Aggarwal adds a cherry on the cake. The clients easily enjoy luxurious lifestyle along with the panoramic view. The Architect has very efficiently conformed design with suitability and functionality. There is extravaganza but nothing loud. Home is the reflection to the client’s personalities. It symbolizes simplicity and royalty. Basic planning or zoning o different spaces are as per the need client likes. Living room and family lounge connected to each other by wooden glazed sliding door. Dining table is placed near kitchen entry. The furniture in living room is covered in sheers of white hue which adds to the serenity. The dining chairs are upholstered in white leather with contrasting brown table. The ceiling holds an impressive chandelier.  

The family room is a duo of hues like white and brown which adds to subtle environment. The color symbolizes serenity and warmth to celebrate family time. The ceiling is designed in veneered planks placed at different levels at each edge. The furniture is kept elite with pebble shaped center table. The cabinet is covered in ivory duco paint and red cedar veneer. Enough of natural light stream in through the sliding glass door for the balcony. The dining room flows from the family room and living room by placing the central pebble shape metallic table with stainless steel finish thus creating focal point using the vertical strip to dim the sunlight while watching TV. 

Interior  of Daughter room is as per her taste such as wallpaper, ceiling, furniture’s etc. According to the taste of daughter vibrant color scheme used for the wallpaper. Lighting adds mood in the enviorment.Furniture used having intricate details designed in harmony with the colors. 

wallpaper depicting city life and buildings adds life to the son’s room. It imparts enough liveliness to the environment. The oval ceiling adds to the flavor. The lights duly highlight the detailing done in plaster of Paris on the ceiling. The ceiling is done in dark bubinga pomella.The accent wall is covered in an eye catching floral wallpaper. The door with beautifully done inlay in MOP leads to the walk in wardrobe.  

Master Bedroom’s material palette for ceiling is plaster of Paris and veneer. The side wall is cladded in rosewood dark veneer. Same is done on the wardrobes. 

Relaxation prevails in the guest bedroom outfitted with graceful combination of sepals pommelle, fumed earth, angico veneers and pop on the ceiling. The room has limited furniture. The wall adjacent to the entry has been covered with beautiful paintings.The entrance lobby is lit up with concealed lights imparting a golden reflection from the golden foil ceiling. Special attention has been paid towards the treatment of ceiling & lighting. Colors scheme sets the desired mood and complements the home features.