The dining room uses a formal yet rich aesthetic to set a tone for meals that might be then just convivial 

 The minimal space in the kitchen is well utilized. 

Public and Private living spaces are arranged within the fixed building envelope , thus the living room is designed to facilitate either informal or formal moods for conversation and togetherness using lighting and choice of furniture and furnishing. 

The family room connects all the private living quarter with each other as well as the rest of house via staircase. Staircase leads to Dinning area. 

The spaces are sequences that flow and break, suggest and promise, while inviting you to continue the journey your eyes anticipate. Light joins in with its own rhythm and its own reflections, pointing out the start of staircase which leads to the heart of the house, and where every footstep is accompanied by the echo of the floor. 

 The window is much more than an opening to let in the sun and air; it is presence of life and the rush of beauty. 

The bedroom extrudes a sense of richness with their clean lines and leather touch. 

The hallways connecting between kitchen and living room (horizontal line of movement) and staircase connecting above floors (vertical line of movement) are situated in a single place to avoid crowdedness in movement lines as well as to provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere based on the overall charm of blankness 

The good old writing desk of former times has been transformed into an element of the homogeneous office equipment.   

Bar area is filled with artificial light. The bar has a trapped ceiling and slits in wooden panels as design elements. 

The role of staircase to connect between the upper and lower levels as well as to enable vertical line of traffic is becoming increasingly important in an architectural space in accordance with their position and detail of shape. 

Furniture serves as an intrinsic element in the creation of atmospheres that define each space and serve to express who their inhabitants are. Without them, house falls silent. The interior features furniture in a diversity of style which complement each other due to the refinement of their material and finishes. 

The bar area is dramatic as horizontal meets the vertical in the basement leaving it with a royal lookHome Theatre room with comfortable chair and fabric optic lighting set the mood for entertainment as well as relaxation. 


The new rooms have essentially been carved from the original terrace house, permitting the rear courtyard to remain and the rooms to engage actively with it. The purpose of the design of the courtyard is to have the privacy while it is situated in the urban area. The courtyard reveals itself as a kind of plaza on a micro-urban scale ideal for the relaxing entertaining. It meets green design as it utilizes passive strategies of climatic control offering financial benefits to the client and reduced ecological footprint to the community.