WEEKEND HOUSE, located in Jaipur , the weekend house is spread across 10000 sq.ft.area which combines form and function, tradition and modernity eclectics and elan with the end result being captivating mix of styles and materials. Keeping this in mind the front elevation of the house was constructed in such a way that one can only see the ground and first floor with second floor being hidden from view the modern striking façade has a straight lined teak paneling stainless steel beams, silver travertine Italian stone cladding and slopping roof with coves. As a contrast, sides of the house have been painted in earthy colors which are perfect reminiscent of ancient havelies in Jaipur. The hue are not only old world touch the modern take on traditional jaali-work is  a water jet stone panel that highlights terrace sitting area as well at the second floor level. 

Play of light and shadow can be seen all across the home, most driveways are neglected areas where sleek wooden columns are beams provide shelter to cars. 

Flooring in copper color in random brick pattern like what normally can be seen in European town streets is given equal importance as driveway flooring at entrance of the house. The greatest thing about the home is its reinterpretation of the architecture and interior design projects handled by the firm showcase their ability to innovate without compromising on space or aesthetics.