In this era of opportunities and competitions, the key to success and fast growth is dependent on the working environment as it is directly proportional to the job performances. The whole area has been properly designed keeping harmony rhythm and transparency between different spaces. Everything that has been designed, falls in a perfect frame, as one sees in a direction from a particular position and the same frame changes to another frame by changing one’s position. 

 The concept has been derived using abstract shapes, panels, forms and use of pastel shades. It’s a spatial experience which one discovers as walking through the corridor. An attempt has been made to create multiple views beyond partitions and connecting the whole area to give an open office environment 

The office interior of 10,000 sft has a main studio of 30 seats with multiple NOCC rooms. Two office area which is supporting NOCC are placed on either side.

The main studio has ascending stepped platform in curved form reflected on the ceiling. The glasses of the open studio are in inclined abstract shape placed along the side. The abstract curved partition at front defines physically the space and also connects visually to the office space. The geometric and abstract forms with use of pastel color define the space. Egg shaped meeting room intersect with rectangular meeting room placed at 45 degree angle. The elliptical meeting room has a bright green pastel shade contrasting with dark teak cladding on square meeting room. The front of rectangular meeting room has been laminated with mirror effect laminate with circles having transparent glasses. This creates illusion when one proceeds from entrance towards meeting room. The design has been achieved by various stages of development. The ceiling outside the rectangular meeting room is projected outside with backlit acrylic sheet. The same impression is given on floors by using dark colored tiles which gives the feel of shadow of the ceiling. This dark colored tile is also used to create transitional spaces throughout.