Training Center on two floors of 4700sq ft. has a front office with conference room and corporate office at first floor, whereas 4 classrooms and library are placed at second floor. As being a new venture the requirement of 6 classrooms were brought down to 4 and space was used as corporate office. If the concept requires as and when the business grows with demand of students in near future, with minimal cost the corporate office space can be converted into 2 classrooms.  

Forms and colours:As the users are the students of age group between 18-24 years, the whole concept and treatment has been kept very modern with the use of pastel tones. The concept emphasizes on the multiple planes and there relationship to elements around. It is about how forms & colors correlate to each other. Even the light plays an important role in creating the ambience of the training center. The classrooms on the second floor have a vibrant use of colors. Curved partition acts as backdrop as well as continued on ceiling defining reception area. 

Furniture:The thought process behind designing the furniture was very modern and abstract. Reception table was designed so as to make a welcoming gesture. A small idol of Lord Buddha on top of the table adds serenity and balance to the whole furniture. Even the curved backdrop seems very interesting and resonates with the furniture making it a composition as a whole. Nothing has been kept as a single entity rather everything synchronizes with the whole ambience.The waiting area in itself is part of wall and forms a space for niche below its seat at the right corner & a place for keeping artifacts has been worked out in the left side of the wall.Even the classroom tables have front panel which can be shifted up and down & can be adjusted as per the requirement. 

Ceiling:The ceiling has all the things going in abstract shapes and forms which interlinks to the furniture, partitions, wall details & floor. As entering the office area and proceeding  towards the reception table, one gets a view of pastel blue colored abstract shaped block with abstract grey ceiling in multiple planes becomes the cynosure of the whole design. The centre head is the focus of the front office. It has been clad with pastel blue mica. The corner glass window gives insight to the cabin creating visual delight.

Transitional Corridors:Corridor acts as a transitional space which has interesting composition and creates interest for person moving in. Use of different elements makes the narrow corridors look spacious and appealing so that it does not look monotonous. Even the pattern of Mica was chosen so as to amplify the corridor area. 

 Partitions:Partition details have also been worked out to have maximum view and not enclosing the space of the working personnel. The partition walls near workstations & testing areas have different design to have equal emphasis on each & not taking up whole of the attention. The whole treatment has been kept youthful & vibrant. 

 Column TreatmentThe columns have been designed so that one’s eyes stop for a moment at the corner. The whole of the column has a color combination of white and a shade of orange color which stimulates one’s senses.   


Office area with conference and machine room is kept at first floor while classrooms are placed at second floor. All the office area like center head and councellars are placed at one place to reduce the need for corridor. On the whole, only 10% area is given for circulation and use of maximum space is done. All the classrooms are kept on the second floor so that the noise from students can be kept out from office area. A lot of thought process and details have been given in this project. Detailings have been done for all the partitions as well as furnitures. A lot of three dimensional views were made to get the desired design. Each and every corner of this is detailed and designed with a thought. A lot of colours have been selected and  added in this to give it a vibrant and youthful look.  

CONTEXTUAL REFERENCE & ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS:* Over 70% of the electronic equipments used are ENERGY STAR rated. The intent was to reduce the environmental impacts associated with excessive energy use.* Water usage reduced by 30% by using waterless urinals & low flow faucets and WCs.* Ceiling tile grid system was done with highly recycled content.* The lights that are being used are all low heat emitting and CFL to reduce the heat generation. As well     as the lights are sensor based and adds on to intelligent lighting systems.* 

Use of minimal walls, so that partition panels made of medium density fiber board can be used, which      will help in saving the construction material, thus reducing the embodied energy.* Other materials used are also energy saving, such as nylon based carpet that are completely recyclable,     engineered wooden textured table top & ceiling in conference. 

COHESION TO CONCEPT IN DESIGN DEVELOPMENT:The whole design was perceived the way it has been achieved. A lot of effort had been put in designing the front office in working out the form & color theme. Then the main task after that was to interlink those spaces to the corridor space. The light effects then add on to the whole ambience and make it a different space at different times, changing the mood by changing its tone. 

SENSORIAL & SPATIAL EXPERIENCES:The ambience of the training center very well solves its design criteria of serving for the age group 18-25 years by its vibrant & cheerful interior. The same ambience can be switched towards a calm environment by adjusting the light effects. Even the classrooms are kept very lively by keeping the beige base with tint of yellow on it drastically changing the whole aroma.