PROJECT:                   Aggarwal Office 

ARCHITECTS:           Spaces architects 

DESIGN TEAM:        Mr. Nikhil Kant & Team 

CLIENT:                    Mr. Ajay Aggarwal 

COMPLETION:         October 2010 

COST:                         3000/ Sq.Ft. 

SIZE:                           2200 sqft 

LOCATION:               East of Kailash, New Delhi  


An office of 2200 sq.ft meant for a law firm has a reception/waiting area, a conference room with a main cabin, 3 individual manger cabins and 7 consultants with 3 supportive staffs.  

As one enters the open office one leads to the reception and waiting area. The reception table is made out of bison panel and has a front glass panel with leaf cut design at bottom which is backlit. The similar leaf pattern are reflected on the floor tile in glass cut in the dark color floor tile .The ceiling over the reception area has multiple rectangular white painted panels laid from wire in different direction. 

Red single sofa at the reception area has backlit onyx stone in the partition enhancing the whole area. Since the reception area is in the front it catches the eye of the person who enters the office. The partition has abstract shaped niches giving an insight of the conference room from the reception area.The conference has a glass partition with glass door giving visibility of the area from the passage maintaining the open office concept. The ceiling of conference room has veneer cladding with abstract shaped hanging beams.

 The main cabin has a sliding door and becomes a part of the conference. The ceiling of cabin has perforated wooden panels with backlit acrylic sheet .The abstract form of table made of corian has the leaf pattern cut on it complimentary to the backlit leaf form at the cabinet shutter at back .The open workstation outside the main cabin has interesting form of ceiling with three teak beams facing the front workstation. The storage cabinets has been designed in an interesting manner with multiple hexagonal boxes placed one above another in different angles .The individual cabin of the other end of the wall has glass partition in front. The whole office blends with the open office layout and the abstract shaped members used in the interiors throwing more light on the concept. The passage into the front office has multiple white panels hanged from ceiling with partition having glass laser cut with leaf pattern in continuation with the leaf form used. The wall outside the lounge has been painted in pastel pink shade adding colour to the space. The glazing has multiple horizontal teak members with abstract film design. The ceiling in the open workstation has multiple teak boxes with glass panel which is backlit.