An interesting project with a rectangular site of (8’X 24’) having a height of 14’ showed up a challenge to create an abstract space as a client’s requirement, client  Kamal Kapoor having a real estate business. The client basic requirement was a reception, conference and a main cabin. He wanted lot of storage to keep his drawings and records. 

 Since the height of the hall was more it gave a feeling of deep well , the first and foremost decision was taken to bring down the ceiling to 10’6” to give it a defined volume.The hall was divided in two halves with front used as reception and conference and the other being the main cabin. The challenge to create visual delight ,the elements designed in the space are worked out as a cohesive unit as if communicating with eachother. They are all raw and forms a unique composition. One is greeted with a small circular reception table at corner of the partition dividing two spaces.A print of M.F.Hussain adore the wall above the reception table.The reception table takes a circular form with round base .Teak finish wooden flooring is in perfect harmony with other elements and texture of the walls in the reception area. The eye further catches on the two metal frames supporting frosted glass with  rectangular niches having glass boxes with coloured stones highlighted with focus light.The upper part has a curved perforated metal sheet in a form of canopy. 

The conference table and chairs are of stainless steel and acrylic sheet to give a transparent look to physically small office, a circular metal frame  is hung from ceiling above the conference table with a hanging light.The wall behind the conference is cladded with cream finish tiles setting up a perfect backdrop to the conference area. 

 Two curved wooden logs with glass behind the reception table is in perfect harmony with abstract elements of the glass door in the partition dividing two spaces. Further the brown colour is in contrast with the yellow colour of the curved ceiling over reception counter. The cabin has a different space statement in comparison to the outer space in use of elements andmbience  

created by use of  white light  contrast to yellow light in the reception area. The table designed with perforated metal sheet with glass top goes well with curved partition cladded with metal sheet at the rear wall, the lower part being used for storage cabinets. 

An open  round A.C duct from main cabin moves diagonal into the reception area forming an intresting part at the ceiling level with other elements. The ceiling in main cabin has two glasses hanged with pipes on either side of the duct.